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Kontakt – DinnerBooking

Her kan du få kontaktoplysninger afhængigt af, om du er en gæst på en af vores restauranter, restaurantejer med eller uden DinnerBooking.

Welcome to the DinnerBooking Support page – DinnerBooking …

Welcome to the DinnerBooking Support page – DinnerBooking Support

Welcome to the DinnerBooking Support page. We have created a lot of small guides on how to use the system. You can find all the guides on the menu to left, …

Contact – DinnerBooking

Here you can get contact information depending on whether you are a guest at one of our restaurants, restaurant owner with or without DinnerBooking.

Getting started – DinnerBooking Support

Thank you for using DinnerBooking. Complete step 1-5 to setup your DinnerBooking, and start using DinnerBooking. Installing and updating the application.

Log ind – DinnerBooking

Med en gratis DinnerBooking profil har du adgang til at booke bord online på en lang række restauranter; enten via vores hjemmeside eller apps.

Registrering af gæster: Ny opdatering på DinnerBooking

Registrering af gæster: Ny opdatering på DinnerBooking – DinnerBooking Support

Our main priority is to have a close dialogue with you and to make sure to help so we can ensure your guests and staff can operate in a safe environment.

Contact our support team – we’re here to help you!

about DinnerBooking. Book a demo with a business development manager when it suits you or call us directly and learn about DinnerBooking and our products. Learn …

Find contact information for our support or sales. This site is for restaurants and cafés who need help and support with our booking system.

Integrations – DinnerBooking Support

Let your OnlinePOS integrate with DinnerBooking. See API documentation HERE · Getting started · Initial setup · Daily use · Advanced settings …

Advanced settings – DinnerBooking Support

Upload pictures for your online calendar & dinnerbooking.com profile. Manage restaurant areas. o add or edit an area, go to the admin menu in the …

Opening times – DinnerBooking Support

The window for opening hours (weekly schedule) accessed via the Administrator menu: In the Administrator menu, choose the right restaurant to the left and …

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